Success Keys for a Corporate Law Firm in Dubai

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Just like every other business enterprise, every lawyer who steps out to engage in corporate legal services does so with the sole aim of wanting to succeed. However, in as much as success is a desirable thing for every business, it is not a default guarantee or an act of good luck that happens to some few chosen and lucky lawyers. There are deliberate internal and external structures that a corporate legal firm Dubai needs to put in place in order to guarantee the continued success of that form. This article therefore endeavors to explore some of the proven and reliable keys that will catapult a corporate law firm in Dubai into continued and sustainable success.

Do not Preach Water and Drink Wine

This may sound like a not so impressive key but it is the very core pillar that will keep a law firm in business for long. The reason why this is a core pillar is that the legal practice is a high-trust kind of profession and all clients are on the look-out to see if they are entrusting their companies to trustworthy and law abiding professionals. This is because lawyers are custodians of interpreting the law and they are equally expected to deal in accordance with the law.

If your firm preaches that letter of the law to your clients and then the same law firm breaks that very law then you risk your credibility. When a client discovers that you can collude with a client to defeat justice or break the law then they are surely going to escape through the roof and find another lawyer. It is even worse if you offer to collude with them because they you will be telling them that you can also collude with other people to violate them. Credibility and integrity is the foundation that will carry the weight of all the other strategies of success because clients will only flock your office and give you their business as long as they can still trust you.

Associate Development

Any corporate law firm Dubai that expects to grow and succeed can only do so to the extent the bulk of service delivery shifts from the founding lawyer/s down to the associates. If the founder/s of the law firm is not keen on developing and retaining strong associates then the whole business will eventually collapse on their very shoulders! Proper associate development programs will ensure the posterity of the firm, not just its prosperity.

Client Retention

This is another pillar and key for the success of any corporate law firm. In as much it is good to get other clients, it is better to retain the ones that you have in the fold. This is because a satisfied client will confidently offer to give you free marketing services through referrals. This will save you the time and the cost of creating that new client because there are very high chances that your marketing strategies may never reach that referred client in the first place.

Reasons Why Using Debt Recovery Services in Dubai is Beneficial

When leading a company, it is impossible not to create various types of business connections. Some of these relations include situations when you lend money or other resources to your business partners. Everyone knows that when you lend something to somebody you expect to get it back as well. Ideally, your debtors will give you back everything as agreed and on time, but this is not always possible in a real-life situation.

Clearly there are several ways of getting back what your debtors owe you, no matter what you need to retrieve. One of the most effective solutions is to hire a company that specializes in debt recovery. One of the first things you need to know is that not all companies offering these services are as effective, and as such you need to be careful when hiring one. Finding a company that offers the best solutions when it comes to debt recovery might be a challenge by itself, but you might be more successful if you started your search in the United Arab Emirates.

For instance, most businesses offering debt recovery services Dubai are not only experienced but very professional as well. Many businesses fail to recollect the debt because of the way they approach the borrowers. The majority of cases showed that as soon these entities are contacted by a debt recovery agent, they return the loan much faster.

Dubai’s companies offering this type of services discovered the most effective ways for recovering debts. They include sending emails, letters, faxes, but also making phone calls. The language and attitude used by their agents is one of the most important ingredients of their success.

debt recovery solutions DubaiThere are several other advantages of using the debt recovery solutions Dubai. They include a higher cash flow because there will be less entities owing you money, and you will have more time to actually run your business. Most agencies dealing with debt recovery offer their services nationwide thus simplifying the problem. Some of these companies even offer to buy some of the debts. This might be an extreme solution, however this is something that needs to be done at times.

Comparing the fees is important when choosing an agency over another. It is important to know that you will be asked to pay a commission fee, but usually this should be paid only in the case of a successful recollection. One needs to remember that each debt situation is different and as such it needs a personalized approach. This means that a consultation takes place before anything else, so that the agent will better understand your needs. Doing so ensures you receive the service you really need and increases the chances of success.

How to Buy Perfume Online in Dubai

dubai online shopping fragranceOnline shopping is one of the greatest benefits of the internet revolution and in particular its e-commerce wing. Online store are soon posing a stiff competition to traditional physical or location stores because they make great savings due to reduced overheads and in turn they use them as discounts to maintain clients. However, the internet is still a very dangerous place if you do not know how to navigate safely. This means that all purchases from online stores have to be made with a lot of caution.

That is why, you need some inspired guidance before you can buy perfume online Dubai. And, this article is dedicated to the unfolding of these inspired tips that will guide you through Dubai online shopping fragrance processes.

Do your Homework Well

As stated from the start, the internet is infiltrated with all manner of crooks and swindlers. The first step to ensure that you are safe before you place an order is to do your research properly. You need to research the online outlet and ascertain that they are genuine vendors. Make sure that you get genuine user reviews about their services and whether they offer things such as warranties or money-back guarantees.

Additionally, check out the return policies of the online retailer and what they entail. Another area of research should revolve around the fragrance on offer. Do not be carried away by big claims being peddled in adverts. Check out to find whether in deed that perfume does what it is claimed to do. Another thing that you should be wary of is abnormal discounts accompanying the perfume because some of them could actually be a bait to lure you into a trap. This will keep you safe from fraudsters.

Read the Details

All beauty products, especially those that come into contact with your skin have to be approached with due caution. Make sure that you search out to find what the ingredients in the perfume are. You also need to check out and find whether any of these ingredients contain any harmful or banned substance that can cause you any form of bodily harm and injury. Remember that your safety and well-being are more important than anything.

Do a Comparison

There is no online store that has a monopoly over fragrance and perfumes. This means that once you have researched the product, you need to take some time and find out if there are other credible online stores that are selling the same perfume at a better price and with better terms.

Means and Terms of Payment

Another factor to consider is what means and terms of payment the online store uses to accept payment. This is important because there are some payment processes that are cheaper than others. Find out whether they do door-to-door deliveries and how long the order will take to be delivered after you place it.

How to Get the Best Legal Services for Your Sports Business?

sports law advice dubaiMany kinds of sports are becoming the fast-paced business environment of the world. It was the need of the time to have the sport law firms which will assist the athlete or the manager to meet their needs and the expectations.  In sports many clashes may arise between players, intermediaries and club members or between two teams regarded to the contract agreement. Sports law advisors are the person who can help you to come over these disputes manfully.

Numerous sports law firms are facilitating their customers with their marvelous services. It’s an old saying that prevention is better than cure.  So if you are in Dubai, then it’s better for you to consult one of the best sports lawyers in Dubai. They will help you to avoid any conflict or problem which may affect your sports business or career. The lawyers assist you at the initial level in identifying and analyzing the situation which you can face. For instance, drafting and reviewing of your contracts and agreements.

A sports lawyer is the person who represents the legal and financial interests of their clients. Sports are not just a game or fun. Many legal contracts and agreements are made to avoid any complexity and to deal with your manager or with the other teams. The sports advisors are the appropriate persons to deal with these legal transformations because you cannot handle the legal situations smoothly like them. It is very necessary for every athlete or the sports company to take the services of a sports attorney.

Protection of your intellectual property and to secure them, like trademarks and official marks and other properties like this, is very important. This is also a legal matter and a sports lawyer is the only person who can help you to make your intellectual property official and safe. Sports law covers a wide range of different laws like employment law, competition law, contract law, privacy rights, and defamation.

As it is a not-so-old area of law and there are not many legal firms dealing with this area of law, you should consider a law firm which can provide you specialized services in the field of sports law. The best law firm can provide their services for sponsorship and commercial partnership of sports-related companies, media rights, brand protection, corporate governance and regulatory matters. For sports law advice Dubai has some best legal firms specialized in sports law.

The best sports lawyers in Dubai can provide you efficient and friendly services and also provide mediation service if required with total confidentiality. Language is not a barrier because these firms have consultants with multi-linguistics skills to give their clients the best advice on any conflict and dispute.

Features of DSO Warehouse Facility in Dubai

When the government of Dubai set up the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), it has in mind a model of business excellent that is integrated with modern technology. It was envisioned to help and nurture young and upcoming businesses into greatness and maturity. One of the facilities that many of the businesses need in order to survive and excel in business is proper and secure storage. It is with all this in mind that it incorporated the DSO warehouse facility in Dubai into the original model and vision that it had for the DSO. This is because warehouses & LIUs DSO Dubai play an integral role in the facilitation of the movement of goods from one point to another until they arrive in the hands of their end users.

But what is in this warehouse facility for a business in the DSO? What are the features that make this warehouse a necessary and viable tool for business propel? This article seeks to outline the core features of this storage facility and hence you need to stay with it in order to discover more.


This is a major concern and feature that every business person looks for in any serious storage facility. Businesses store different goods and in the usual high temperatures of Dubai most goods will have to leave the storage damaged unless they are subjected to proper air conditioning. All the facilities at the DSO warehouse are air-conditioned in order to take care of all these concerns.

Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System

Fire is a well-known cause of destruction to goods and life for a very long time. The government of Dubai was aware of this when it was incorporating this warehouse facility into the DSO. That is why, it designed this facility with proper and modern fire alarms and fire-fighting tools just to ensure that your precious goods are free from the gutting flames of fire.

Ample Parking

This is another key feature of this storage facility. Besides having a spacious warehouse, it is also imperative that it has ample parking space. This will make it easier for business owners to bring in and pick their goods without having to get stuck in another jam of tracks.

On-site Refreshment

Well, this may not be a “main” feature but it is still important in the whole equation. This is because the DSO warehouse facility Dubai serves many businesses and it takes some time to serve them all hence the need for patience as goods are being loaded and offloaded. In the process of doing all this, it is beautiful to refresh yourself with a cup of coffee. That is why, the facility has a coffee shop to refresh your necessary wait as you are being or waiting to be served.


The security of your goods is important. That is why, the warehouse is fitted with a 424/7 CCTV system. All this is meant to make sure that your goods are free from vandals and thieves.

Understanding the Journey to the Dubai Silicon Oasis Directory of Companies

dubai silicon oasis company list

The Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) still stands out as one of the greatest milestones in the government of Dubai’s commitment to provide a model of an economic incubator that will spur economic development and empowerment tor its people. One of the pillars of the DSO is to help its citizens to get economic empowerment in an environment and that is free from all forms of bureaucratic and technological inhibitions. As part of the DSO’s core mandate, the city facilitates the swift and transparent registration of companies within its jurisdiction.

Moreover, the DSO ensures that all the companies which have complied with the needful legal requirements and are duly registered are posted onto its online portal. This makes it easier for the outside world to know the kind of entities that they are dealing with. That is why, we have the Dubai Silicon Oasis directory of companies. Anyone who understands business at its basic level knows too well the importance of a company appearing in a high profile directory like the DSO’s.

But, how does a company qualify to get its name on the directory? What are the legal steps that a company needs to follow in order to get to the Dubai Silicon Oasis company list? This article is dedicated to the shedding of light on this journey and so read through it till the last period in order to discover what the process and the journey are like.

Understanding the Set up Process

The journey that leads a company to get listed on the DSO’s company directory is simple and short. It takes only a week for a company to get fully registered at the DSO, as long as they will cooperate with the process and furnish the relevant departments with all the necessary documents on time. To get the necessary licenses, it takes a mere two days from the time the legal documents and payments were received by the relevant authorities.

The Necessary Documents

The process requires that the applicants present the DSO authorities with some crucial documents to speed up and facilitate the registration process. The first document is the application form; the second document is the Letter of Intent; the third documents is a copy of passport/s; the fourth document is the NOC, applicable to the citizens of the Emirates only; the fifth document is the bank statement, an audited financial report or a reference letter respectively; and, the sixth document required is the business plan of the applicant.

Simple Process

The process is simple. The applicant submits their application form alongside the other documents listed above. They then pay all the related fees and submit all the legal documents. After the DSO has reviewed and approved the applicant’s documents, they sign a lease agreement with the DSO alongside a bank share capital letter. Afterwards, the DSO issues the applicant with a lease agreement, registration documents, and the relevant licenses.

Unique Trends in Shopping for Baby Stuffs

diapers in dubai When a mother of today’s world looks for something for their children, she will want to have good branded products for her infants. Today, you will never have fewer selections because a various baby shops offer a huge array of baby items. At present, the fashion world has also step into baby products, hence, you will find loads of trends as well as fads related to unique baby clothing. Luckily, buying such clothing from a reputed baby shop can help save a lot of money while still being trendy. There are many current fashion trends which mothers of today’s time are following when purchasing clothing and items for their babies.

Environmentally green or eco-friendly infant-clothes are now becoming very popular. Top trending products are those that help our environment and has become an increasing concern for parents, particularly mothers. Clothing from recycled materials, diapers in Dubai, toys supporting wildlife, containers or food which biodegrade in the nature faster and easier are some examples of unique baby products that fall in this trend. Efforts that helps to keep our environment safe, clean as well as vacant for our future generations is now the trend that must be around at least for some while, hence following such developments will never be out of fashion.

Yet, another fashionable trend for baby products is the brand name sold at affordable prices. Many trendy adult brands make clothing and accessories for babies nowadays, with the intention that kids also look stylish as models. Branded products or clothing made for babies generally are costly than average infant products. Although, you may also have a chance of buying branded baby products at closeout prices in off seasons. Brands make exclusive items for toddlers so, if you’re a mother concerned about fashion trends, then you can probably follow latest style by buying branded clothes at affordable price tags. Despite the fact that the regular baby clothing may also be out of the style, the classic ones will never run out of fashion.

A new popular movement in baby fashion is monogramming. However, this trend in fashion has sustained to grow in its recognition for some time. Monogramming provides a sense of chic and easy mode to label baby clothing which is both fun and cute. You will find many exceptional designs by which you can decorate your baby’s items with monogram. It’s easy to create a style statement with child’s clothes. Additionally, this trend is easy and great to follow. So, if you desire your baby to adorn eco-friendly wear, monogrammed labels or branded names, then many baby shop Abu Dhabi have unique items that satisfy your clothing requirements. You may search for the best discount shops that allow you to save money and help you to make your child look fabulous.

Enrolling to German-Speaking Schools in Dubai

german speaking school dubai

Education is the backbone of a nation. A nation consists of people living in the same country who build the country and work for the betterment of each other. Dubai is a multinational country, yet all the people living in Dubai make a nation. The medium of communication plays a vital role when it comes to the unity of a nation, which is language. When a nation consists of people speaking different languages like in Dubai, it is important that they have their lingua franca and, at the same time, they learn their respective languages to preserve their own culture and history.

One of the dominant speaking languages in Dubai is German. Expats from Germany living in Dubai have a moral obligation to teach German language to their children. There are very few German speaking schools in Dubai. A German speaking school in Dubai can be found in Al Quoz. One can only learn German at a primary level in Dubai, higher studies in this language is not available here. German is taught by following German curriculum in Dubai. For more information, you can find German speaking schools Dubai on the website and from there you can contact them via phone.

A school that teaches German until 12th grade follows the International Abitur Curriculum. German speaking schools in Dubai has the capacity to teach over 500 students in an academic year. The schools are normally combined school, meaning boys and girls study together at the same time which helps the children with emotional and moral development. German schools are about 10 to 12 years old in Dubai. These are normally private owned schools that are run by a board of trustees. They follow their curriculum strictly and students get all the facilities that they deserve. In these schools, students participate in various events which help them to get familiar with different cultural traditions.

There are schools from Switzerland in Dubai that teach English, French, German and Swiss, following the IB, Swiss Matura curriculum. These schools charge AED 55,000-95,000 as annual tuition fees. Dubai schools, colleges and villa schools offer expatriate curriculums – English (including Australian, British, Canadian, UK, and USA), French, German, Indian, Russian and Pakistani.  But there is only one German school in Dubai and same goes for the Russian and Japanese school. According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), there are total of 227 schools in Dubai.

Dubai is a place for people from all around the world, where everyone has a chance to flourish their own culture, tradition and therefore their language. Learning your own language is very important as it will help you in your work field. Let’s learn every language that we can and make Dubai a colorful place of traditions.

Digital Printing, the New Future!

pouch printing company dubaiDigital Printing is the new trend which has been floating in today’s market like anything. Back in days, only few designs and standard molds were available in market for the printing or making of graphics or texts on t-shirts. Nowadays, it is totally changed technological advancements have made the process of printing very easy by offering a wide range of well-equipped machines that are used for customized digital printing.

Digital printing is used for many products, customized tattoos, logos, texts and quotes etc. are designed and printed on shirts, mugs, pouches, cards, and what not. Companies these days prefer to have their company’s logos embossed on their official mugs, writing pads, pouches or bags. In Dubai, there are many printing presses that offer their printing services for the people.

Are you looking for a reliable and dependable contractor in Dubai who can provide you with the best printing services at reasonable and affordable rates? Don’t worry there are many certified printing presses who offer card, bags, writing pads, t-shirts and pouch printing Dubai.

There are many visible advantages of the digital printing like it does not cost a lot, it is usually of high quality printing, there are much more options to choose from than the simple ordinary old fashioned printing. With the arrival of this technologically advanced and computerized printing, everything has changed.

Advanced printing obliges no setup expenses so you can print as few showcasing materials as you need without bringing about a vast beginning charge through a proper printing channel. You get digitally printed products with the name and logo of your company. This can help you in gaining attention of the people and subsequently help in increasing your client market.

Never forget how essential quality is to your business promotion. You wouldn’t pay by nothing for low-quality materials or the most elevated dollar for even the most progressive promoting materials. Rather, you need to discover a worth equalization, and this is absolutely what computerized and digital printing offers to you. With the right medium and advertising of company through printed logos on official pouches and bags can further gather vast endeavors with numerous products and consequently gathering the positive response of the people.

Other importance and benefits of digital printing includes; turnaround period of printing is pretty fast even for the bigger lots, the size and color of each print is same for all the products once set in the computer with more continuous checking which helps in reducing the chance of any mistakes o misprinting, less expensive with lower volume printing while the unit expense of every piece may be higher than with old fashioned balance printing, when setup expenses are incorporated advanced and digital printing gives lower per unit expenses to little print runs.

You can choose any printing press and other pouch printing company Dubai according to your requirements and budget and help yourself in promoting your business and company’s name by advertising your company’s name through the products with your embossed logos.

Santoku Knife Prices in Dubai

Santoku knife in Dubai can be found in every restaurant. It is a general Japanese knife that every chef uses. So, different brands manufacture and import these knives in Dubai. So, the price also changes from brand to brand. In general, the best price of Santoku knife in UAE market in 2015 is AED 49, which is obtainable in various cities including in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. The price is updated on a daily basis and the amount cited is only effective in UAE and Middle East region. You can buy chef knives Dubai not only in homeware stores but from online marketplaces as well.

There are several popular brands of Santoku knife that are available in Dubai. These brand knives are expensive than the regular ones and most of the time would cost you around AED 170, which is the lowest of its kind. So, that will be your price range for buying branded Santoku knives – AED 170 – AED 1650. You can buy these products online by using your master or visa card. You can also pay the cash upon delivery.

You can also buy knives in sets and a two-piece set of knife would cost you about AED 245. On the other hand, a seven-piece set of knives costs about AED 7750. So, that will be your price range for buying branded Santoku knife sets – AED 245 – AED 7750. Other than two-piece and seven-piece sets, you can also buy sets of three pieces, five pieces, and six pieces of knives.

chef knives dubaiThere are some cheaper Santoku knives that are ceramic scalloped. These knives are crafted from zirconium ceramic so that they may last long. The blades are as shiny as mirrors and do not need any sharpening. You can cut fruit and vegetables with them without any hesitation because the knives would not rust. The most important thing is that these knives are very light weight and so can be handled easily. These knives would cost you about AED 99. These knives are very useful for Slicing soft items, like onions, tomatoes, meat or fish, thanks to their sharp blades.

One of countries that export Santoku knives n Dubai is Portugal. No matter where you buy your knives from, make sure that you buy the quality ones. Knives are very important for your kitchen and so you have to wisely choose the best knife for your lovely kitchen.