Enrolling to German-Speaking Schools in Dubai

german speaking school dubai

Education is the backbone of a nation. A nation consists of people living in the same country who build the country and work for the betterment of each other. Dubai is a multinational country, yet all the people living in Dubai make a nation. The medium of communication plays a vital role when it comes to the unity of a nation, which is language. When a nation consists of people speaking different languages like in Dubai, it is important that they have their lingua franca and, at the same time, they learn their respective languages to preserve their own culture and history.

One of the dominant speaking languages in Dubai is German. Expats from Germany living in Dubai have a moral obligation to teach German language to their children. There are very few German speaking schools in Dubai. A German speaking school in Dubai can be found in Al Quoz. One can only learn German at a primary level in Dubai, higher studies in this language is not available here. German is taught by following German curriculum in Dubai. For more information, you can find German speaking schools Dubai on the website and from there you can contact them via phone.

A school that teaches German until 12th grade follows the International Abitur Curriculum. German speaking schools in Dubai has the capacity to teach over 500 students in an academic year. The schools are normally combined school, meaning boys and girls study together at the same time which helps the children with emotional and moral development. German schools are about 10 to 12 years old in Dubai. These are normally private owned schools that are run by a board of trustees. They follow their curriculum strictly and students get all the facilities that they deserve. In these schools, students participate in various events which help them to get familiar with different cultural traditions.

There are schools from Switzerland in Dubai that teach English, French, German and Swiss, following the IB, Swiss Matura curriculum. These schools charge AED 55,000-95,000 as annual tuition fees. Dubai schools, colleges and villa schools offer expatriate curriculums – English (including Australian, British, Canadian, UK, and USA), French, German, Indian, Russian and Pakistani.  But there is only one German school in Dubai and same goes for the Russian and Japanese school. According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), there are total of 227 schools in Dubai.

Dubai is a place for people from all around the world, where everyone has a chance to flourish their own culture, tradition and therefore their language. Learning your own language is very important as it will help you in your work field. Let’s learn every language that we can and make Dubai a colorful place of traditions.

Digital Printing, the New Future!

pouch printing company dubaiDigital Printing is the new trend which has been floating in today’s market like anything. Back in days, only few designs and standard molds were available in market for the printing or making of graphics or texts on t-shirts. Nowadays, it is totally changed technological advancements have made the process of printing very easy by offering a wide range of well-equipped machines that are used for customized digital printing.

Digital printing is used for many products, customized tattoos, logos, texts and quotes etc. are designed and printed on shirts, mugs, pouches, cards, and what not. Companies these days prefer to have their company’s logos embossed on their official mugs, writing pads, pouches or bags. In Dubai, there are many printing presses that offer their printing services for the people.

Are you looking for a reliable and dependable contractor in Dubai who can provide you with the best printing services at reasonable and affordable rates? Don’t worry there are many certified printing presses who offer card, bags, writing pads, t-shirts and pouch printing Dubai.

There are many visible advantages of the digital printing like it does not cost a lot, it is usually of high quality printing, there are much more options to choose from than the simple ordinary old fashioned printing. With the arrival of this technologically advanced and computerized printing, everything has changed.

Advanced printing obliges no setup expenses so you can print as few showcasing materials as you need without bringing about a vast beginning charge through a proper printing channel. You get digitally printed products with the name and logo of your company. This can help you in gaining attention of the people and subsequently help in increasing your client market.

Never forget how essential quality is to your business promotion. You wouldn’t pay by nothing for low-quality materials or the most elevated dollar for even the most progressive promoting materials. Rather, you need to discover a worth equalization, and this is absolutely what computerized and digital printing offers to you. With the right medium and advertising of company through printed logos on official pouches and bags can further gather vast endeavors with numerous products and consequently gathering the positive response of the people.

Other importance and benefits of digital printing includes; turnaround period of printing is pretty fast even for the bigger lots, the size and color of each print is same for all the products once set in the computer with more continuous checking which helps in reducing the chance of any mistakes o misprinting, less expensive with lower volume printing while the unit expense of every piece may be higher than with old fashioned balance printing, when setup expenses are incorporated advanced and digital printing gives lower per unit expenses to little print runs.

You can choose any printing press and other pouch printing company Dubai according to your requirements and budget and help yourself in promoting your business and company’s name by advertising your company’s name through the products with your embossed logos.

Santoku Knife Prices in Dubai

Santoku knife in Dubai can be found in every restaurant. It is a general Japanese knife that every chef uses. So, different brands manufacture and import these knives in Dubai. So, the price also changes from brand to brand. In general, the best price of Santoku knife in UAE market in 2015 is AED 49, which is obtainable in various cities including in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. The price is updated on a daily basis and the amount cited is only effective in UAE and Middle East region. You can buy chef knives Dubai not only in homeware stores but from online marketplaces as well.

There are several popular brands of Santoku knife that are available in Dubai. These brand knives are expensive than the regular ones and most of the time would cost you around AED 170, which is the lowest of its kind. So, that will be your price range for buying branded Santoku knives – AED 170 – AED 1650. You can buy these products online by using your master or visa card. You can also pay the cash upon delivery.

You can also buy knives in sets and a two-piece set of knife would cost you about AED 245. On the other hand, a seven-piece set of knives costs about AED 7750. So, that will be your price range for buying branded Santoku knife sets – AED 245 – AED 7750. Other than two-piece and seven-piece sets, you can also buy sets of three pieces, five pieces, and six pieces of knives.

chef knives dubaiThere are some cheaper Santoku knives that are ceramic scalloped. These knives are crafted from zirconium ceramic so that they may last long. The blades are as shiny as mirrors and do not need any sharpening. You can cut fruit and vegetables with them without any hesitation because the knives would not rust. The most important thing is that these knives are very light weight and so can be handled easily. These knives would cost you about AED 99. These knives are very useful for Slicing soft items, like onions, tomatoes, meat or fish, thanks to their sharp blades.

One of countries that export Santoku knives n Dubai is Portugal. No matter where you buy your knives from, make sure that you buy the quality ones. Knives are very important for your kitchen and so you have to wisely choose the best knife for your lovely kitchen.

Types of Attestation Services in Dubai

Attestation services in Dubai are part of the core functions of many law firms in Dubai. This legal procedure is one of the ways of ensuring that sensitive documents are protected against fraud and forgery and also ensuring that they enjoy all the legal protection and validity that they deserve.

Another beautiful thing about UAE attestation services is that it covers a wide range of sensitive documents that need legal recognition and security. This article is written with the sole purpose of exploring the scope of these different documents. Follow on closely in order to know what these documents are, the benefits and reasons of making sure that they undergo attestation.

Marriage Certificates

These are very sensitive documents that require to be attested to. Attesting to these documents is usually required when a married couple wants to travel together. The embassy of the country that the couple would like to travel to will need proof that they are indeed married and that proof is a marriage certificate that has been attested to.

Birth Certificates

There are occasions when parents need to travel with their children to other countries. In such cases, there is a need for the children and parents to get a residence visa in that country that they are intending to travel to or settle in. Birth certificate attestation is one of the mandatory legal requirements that a parent must fulfil in order to get the residence visa.

Death Certificates

These are another type of documents that need to be attested to. It is not strange to hear of wives and children who have buried their parents and spouses “alive”, gone ahead, and forged death certificates in order to inherit what was provided for them in their parents’ and husbands’ last wills.That is why, such sensitive documents need attestation so as to keep at bay some greedy inheritors who can’t be patient enough to allow their parents and spouses to die on time.

Academic Credentials

These are other important and highly sensitive documents that are a target of forgery. Due to joblessness and harsh economic times, many people are resorting to fake academic credentials such as degrees and diplomas in order to secure employment. Document attestation ensures that potential employers are not conned into hiring individuals who are not qualified to broth do the jobs they are applying to as well as earning the salary that go with them.

Medical Reports

Medical reports are sensitive documents that individuals are required to produce for various reasons. Some of the reasons are employment in industries that require the absence of some kind of infections and also a high level of physical wellness. Another reason for such reports is travelling to some countries. There are some countries that do not admit immigrants with particular medical conditions and hence they require all immigrants to take medical tests to that effect. All such medical reports have to be attested to before being accepted.

Avoiding Labor Disputes in Dubai

There are times when you may encounter a labor controversy in your workplace. Many people think that going to the court should be the immediate action. Labor disputes may come from a lot of issues like recruitment, termination, working hour, job benefits, bonuses, remuneration and salary disputes. In these cases experienced lawyers’ opinion is to first try to solve the dispute within the office, meaning with your bosses. If that does not work, then you should go to the Ministry of Labor. If the ministry then fails to settle anything, only then the court will file a lawsuit. This is the normal scenario in Dubai.

Now, before you go to the court, you would obviously contact with an employment lawyer Dubai. There are a lot of law firms in Dubai who provide a range of different legal services. “Labor law services” would be one of their many services. Before hiring a lawyer from a law firm, you should get some information about the firm. First fact you will look for about the firm is the years of labor lawyer dubaipractice they have in the field and if they are international. Then how many cases they have represented in Dubai courts and that how many experienced lawyers they have in their firm. There are very few ISO 9001:2008 certified law firms in the whole UAE and your law firm should be one amongst them.

One of the qualities that a labor lawyer Dubai must have is the ability to speak two languages fluently: Arabic and English. It is very good if the lawyer has written for any publication meaning any journal or magazine. Finally the lawyer must have a working technique of researching independently on any case that comes to him/her. You can find out these facts about the lawyers from their individual or the firm’s website.

There are some specific rules about taking an employment case in the court in Dubai. First of all, the lawyer that is going to represent you in the court must be a UAE national. The Labor Law 2006 update states that because of the nature of their responsibilities, anyone in a managerial or supervisory position is expected to complete all tasks that are properly and fairly assigned to them without regard to the amount of time it takes. So, if one is in a probationary or training position, he or she might not get any advantage from filing a lawsuit.

There are some common labor issues in Dubai that causes confusion. The issues are mainly the limitation of federal law; blur documenting of the employment relationship, termination of employment contract, end of service entitlement, compensation of arbitrary dismissal, UAE wage protection system and transfer of employees.

Benefits of Business Storage Solutions Dubai

storage warehouse dubaiBusiness storage solutions are some of the primary services that many traditional businesses will require when they grow up. A storage warehouse Dubai is important for businesses because it helps them to utilize the space they have to perform core functions while the warehouse takes care of inventory that is not needed on the business premises on a daily basis.

That is why, Dubai is filled with many companies out there in the field with the aim of offering business storage solutions. But what are the benefits and advantages that a business will derive from the facilities and services offered by these businesses? To get answers to this question, keep on reading this article because that is the purpose of this article.

An Orderly and Conducive Working Environment

None of us likes to work in an environment that is cluttered and overcrowded with things that are not in use. There is no one who loves to be served in crowded office that is choking with all manner of stuff that is gathering dust year in year out. We all love to work in and be served in well spaced environments. This is one of the benefits that business storage solutions Dubai will confer to your business.

Business Storage Saves Space

Another benefit of business storage is that it will help you free up space for business operation and the storage of those items that need to be in the business premise throughout the year. This is because there are some goods and stocks that sell only during specific seasons of the year. For instance, there is no need you wasting space keeping Christmas items in the business premise when they are only needed in December. Likewise, there are some goods that are only sold during hot seasons of the year and they are not needed at the main business premise any other season.

Cost Effectiveness

This is another benefit that comes with business storage facilities. Instead of you increasing rental space on the main highway in order to accommodate some inventory, it is cheaper to rent a warehouse. Likewise, even if you had the money to splash out, you may not get any guarantee of getting that extra space next to your current business premise. In this manner, you are spared extra and unnecessary expenses while continuing to maximize on the current space that you have.

Safe Storage of Archived Paperwork

Paperwork is an important part of any serious business. These papers need to be kept for some five years so that they can be used for reference and other statutory compliance purposes such as taxation. A warehouse ensures that such important paperwork such as receipts and invoices are kept intact and safe during such periods. This will leave you with peace of mind as you carry on with your business because you can rest assured that the papers are in safe custody.

Types of Car Paint Protection Film in Dubai

­best cars paint protection film dubai

Whatever a man loves and values, they will protect it. Cars are some of the most important tools in the daily lives of many people. They ensure that people achieve mobility in a manner that is effective, swift and comfortable. It is because of this undisputable importance that cars have has to be protected as one way of ensuring that they serve you better and for longer.

The appearance of the paint of your car is of great importance as far as vehicle maintenance is concerned. That is why; it has to be protected from all forms of damages that result from corrosive chemicals, UV rays and hostile weather conditions. One of the ways of ensuring that your car paint is protected is by applying the car paint protection film Dubai.

It is with the above in mind that this article seeks to bring to your attention the different types of the best car protection films in Dubai. Read on to find out more.

Value or Non-Clear Coated Films

These are some of the most common paint protection films in the market today. They are coated and do not have a transparent luster like that one of the other two types in the following paragraphs.

2-Ply Clear Coated

These are strong and double plied films that also have a clear coating.

Premium Extra Clarity

Just as the name implies, they are clear and transparent films of the highest value and quality compared to the value and 2 ply types.

The Converging Points

Despite the fact that these films differ in quality and material, they have common converging points that make them one. They are essence, function and the benefits that they confer to your car. Below is a list of the common benefits that they confer:

Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance

All paint protection films make your car shine due to their high gloss composition. Definitely, nobody loves to drive around in a car that has lost its esthetic value, unless they are either broke or they have lost interest in the car. In addition, with an enhanced appearance, even the resale value and chances of your car are bolstered because people do not want to buy cars that look like dinosaurs.

Defense against Damage

All the types paint film protection are designed to ensure that your car is protected against caused by different elements such as corrosive chemicals and hostile weather elements. Moreover, your car’s paint is protected from damages caused by scratches and other forms of abrasion.

 Long Term Value for Money

Another common benefit of using these different types of film is that they contribute towards decent savings in terms of regular costs incurred during painting. You can rest assured that you will not need to keep repainting your car because of premature aging and discoloration of paint.

Understanding Career-Related Programs Offered by IB Affiliated Schools in Dubai

Since the IB was launched over four decades ago, the internationally famed and recognized educational organization has exerted its positive influence across the world. One of the nations that have schools that offer IB programs is the United Arab Emirates. Among the key features of its programs is that they are customized to effectively address the educational needs of different young learners at different stages of their learning.

Each of these programs is designed with outstanding curriculum scopes and capabilities so as to sharpen the learner’s effectiveness towards the betterment of their society within a global context. One of these programs is the Career-related Program (CP).This article therefore seeks to expound on the features, scope and contents of this program as offered by top IB schools in Dubai.

Age Bracket and Program Framework

top ib schools in dubaiIn IB affiliated schools in Dubai, the age bracket program is designed and intended for young scholars between the ages of 16 and 19 respectively. The program framework is designed around three main areas and they are listed below as follows.

In the diploma courses, scholars who enroll for this program are required to study at least two diploma programs. With the career-related studies, it is another area that is covered. However, the exact scope, application and definition of these studies remain diverse across the world in terms of vocations, technical qualifications, and professional practice. The career-related core, on the other hand, covers areas such as community and service, reflective project, and language development. These components are discussed in depth in the next chapter.

CP pillars

The CP pillars are disciplines form the backbone of the entire CP program. The main areas of study and focus include language development, community and service, and reflective project.

Language development holds a supreme place in the way human beings learn and relate. It has deep psychological and social implications that bond people. As a matter of fact, there can be no learning without language because language is the first thing one has to learn before they can learn any other thing. It makes language proficiency a pillar in the entire IB training program. This core aspect of the program equips learners with the ability not just to learn effectively, but also to work in a global context. Since the IB program is tailored to raise and shape globally-conscious citizens, learners will obviously get exposed to different working environments that require them to learn other languages so that they can effectively express and apply what they learnt in school.

The community and service is intended to create a sense of moral responsibility towards society because we are all products and beneficiaries of society. Scholars are thus trained to give service to society as a way of appreciation and moral obligation. While, the reflective project is intended and designed to sharpen the scholar’s reflective capacity as they scale the academic ladder. Lastly, approaches to learning course is intended to bring scholars to terms with the various approaches of inculcating learning and knowledge.

Why is the Range Rover Sport on Top of the Game?

Range Rover Sport is one of the few motor inventions that have given England an indelible mark on the world of motoring. When one takes a look at any Range Rover Sport, you are left with no reasonable doubt that it is an embodiment of elegance, pride, style and distinction. Despite the rise of stiff competition from across the world, the Range Rover Sport has weathered the storm to retain its prime hold among the best and most popular luxury and sporting vehicles throughout many generations.

As an upgrade and advancement of its predecessors, this vehicle is in its own class of distinction and excellence. Listed below are sufficient and convincing evidences that proves that Range Rover Sport is a vehicle worth its salt.

An Off-Road Machine that is Still On-Target

This SUV is built as an all-weather condition vehicle and it is a survivor that is designed to traverse and conquer the harshest of all the road and weather conditions that a vehicle can get exposed to. You are rest assured that with this SUV on the road, there is no difference whether you are cruising through the smooth super highways of Dubai or cruising through the harsh and desert rough roads of the Emirates. Simply put, Range Rover is the lion of the highways that rules the roads, whether they are rough or smooth.

A Strong and Agile Body

In Range Rover Sport review Dubai, the model is also endowed with a strong and light aluminum body that gives its agility. This makes it not just a strong survivor of off-road terrains, but also light and agile enough to cruise faster. All this gives the Rover a cutting-edge blending of efficiency and speed such as many other models can hardly attain.

Enjoy Comfort in the Midst of Disturbance

Additionally, the Range Rover Sport is configured with a superior suspension system that survives even the worst of bumpy roads. The Rover is endowed with a Four Corner Electronic Air Suspension that facilitates on-road and off-road comfort. This advanced air suspension system automatically switches between two ride heights as soon as you select the off-road setting.

range rover sport review dubaiYou are in Absolute Control

This Rover is also built with a high capacity to control navigation through sharp corners and bends. It has torque vectoring abilities that are well built and adapted for such crucial functions. It uses the electronic differential and the Rover’s brake system to create a constant balance in the distribution of the engine’s torque among its four wheels. The result is superior grip, enhanced steering and constituent speed as you negotiate sharp corners and bends.

Remote Unlocking System

You quickly open the doors with the pressing of a battle. Additionally, the doors don’t need to bang anymore. The doors are closed securely and gently without noises. All these  salient features are  evident as you take a closer look at any Range Rover Sport.




Hiring a Certified Plastic Surgeon: Undergoing Body Enhancement Surgeries in Dubai

With how physical beauty is highly-regarded nowadays, a lot of individuals tend to undergo body enhancements through plastic surgeries. There is nothing bad about undertaking such procedures as long as the person fully understands the complexities and the reason behind why he or she is willing to go under the knife in the first place.

Plastic surgery has become very prominent in all parts of the world – even in Dubai. Whether locals or tourists, the number of people signing up on the endless list of patients wanting something done or enhanced in their body continues to rise. For some, this is quite alarming knowing that many are becoming a bit self-absorbed or too conscious about their physical appearance. But as mentioned earlier, the perspective towards the noticeable demand for plastic surgery depends from one person to another.

If you are thinking about having a part of your body tweaked or enhanced, there are quite a few significant considerations you must aware yourself about before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery may it be cheek enlargement Dubai.

Finding a Certified Practitioner

Wherever you are in the world, once you have decided to partake in cosmetic surgery, you will need to find a certified practitioner that can efficiently accomplish the procedure safely and successfully. Every country globally has their own list of famous plastic surgeons and Dubai is one of them. When looking for the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, it is important that you take time researching and doing background checks about the specialist you want to work with. Doing so allows you to have a good grasp about his or her period of experience, specialization in the field, and, most importantly, credibility in the industry.

Understanding the Cosmetic Procedure

Plastic surgeries come in various types. With the extensiveness of body enhancement procedures we have today, it is also vital to understand and determine which among its kinds best answers to what you plan to do for your body. Since every procedure has its own and unique process, it is significant to become aware of its probable results and the potential risks or complications that might occur during and after surgery. By having good knowledge about the cosmetic surgery, you can prepare yourself not only mentally but physically as well.


Post-surgery, recovery is the final stage that you must also acquire information about. Your body has experienced unfamiliar things during the procedure therefore, you should make sure to do everything that is needed to help it reach full recovery. It pays to be fully-informed on the ways on how you can recover well and in order to do so is have your doctor discuss them thoroughly with you one by one prior the surgery.

There is nothing wrong with change, whether it be for your physical appearance. Whatever surgery you desire to undergo in, as long as you are prepared for it, there is nothing to worry about. Just remember the reason behind the change and be certain that you are doing it for your benefit at the end of the day.