What to Do if Your Teenager Seems to Rebel

schools in UAEIt is undeniable that raising a teenager entails a lot of challenges. And as a parent, you want your child to fell your love, but at the same time you also want to guide them and not let them go astray.  Is your teenager rebelling, defying your curfew, or hanging out with questionable kids from schools in UAE?

One minute your sweet child is begging you to come on the class trip or to lie down with her while she falls asleep. Then, seemingly overnight, she starts treating you like dirt, discounting everything you say and snickering at your suggestions. If you look closely, you’ll see that you’ve been through this before, when she was a toddler — only instead of shouting “no!” like a two-year-old would, a teenager simply rolls her eyes in disgust.

A psychologist specializing in kids and families says that it’s so hard for parents when this. But part of adolescence is about separating and individuating, and many kids need to reject their parents in order to find their own identities. Teens focus on their friends in the best schools in UAE more than on their families, which is normal too.

Sometimes parents feel so hurt by their teens’ treatment that they respond by returning the rejection — which is a mistake. Teenagers know that they still need their parents even if they can’t admit it. The roller-coaster they put you on is also the one they’re feeling internally. As the parent, you need to stay calm and try to weather this teenage rebellion phase, which usually passes by the time a child is 16 or 17.

But no one’s saying your teen should be allowed to be truly nasty or to curse at you; when this happens, you have to enforce basic behavior standards. One solution is the good, old-fashioned approach of: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. By letting your teenager know that you’re here for him no matter what, you make it more likely that he’ll let down his guard and confide in you once in a while, which is a rare treat.


9 Ways to Find Good Tenants for Your Home

If you own a house or property rental that you can’t sell, renting it out is a good option. More so, finding good tenants who will take property rental care of your home is challenging — but essential. As you begin your screening for the right renter for your home, here are tips offered by real estate experts.

1. Understand the Laws. For example, you could base your decision on credit or criminal history but not on race, religion, national origin, gender, age or family status. Know the proper ageny or department in your country so you are aware of the law and you can include it in your contract.

2. Know where to Advertise. You can start online, but be aware of the site you are using to avoid scams. To expand your approach:

    • Put fliers in area grocery stores and Laundromats.
    • Contact human resource directors at local businesses to post ads in employee lunchrooms and new-employee information kits.
    • Broadcast your rental to your friends on social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.
    • Get referrals from family and friends.

3. Clean Your House. Even before putting out the advertising of your Dubai property rental, make sure your house is clean and ready to show. Remove clutter and take care of repairs. Many potential tenants in need of housing already have been looking, they could respond within hours of an ad posting. A well-maintained house increases your chances of securing a responsible tenant.

4. Use a Rental Application. The rental application is the document used to collect personal information about the applicant and co-applicants so that you can perform background checks. Depending on your state’s laws, you may be able to charge a nonrefundable application fee of to cover the cost of background checks. This is your first screening tool if someone refuses to pay this fee. In addition to the application, provide a rental policy sheet that clearly spells out the terms and conditions of the lease, such as pets, cosigners and renters insurance requirements.

5. Require Renters Insurance. During the application process before a lease is signed, let your potential tenants know you will request that they show proof of renters insurance on the move-in date. Renters insurance will cover the cost of the tenants’ belongings as well as damage they could cause to your house. Consider purchasing landlord insurance to provide the coverage you need to protect your rental property.

6. Avoid Interviews. It may seem like common sense to conduct interviews as part of the screening process, but experts advise against them. The way people dress or act in person doesn’t tell you how they could perform in a lease agreement.

7. Do Background Checks. The only way you can determine whether they will be good tenants is based on their past history in their previous apartment.

8. Wait for the Check to Clear. To avoid problems with a personal check clearing the bank, ask for a deposit in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. If you accept a personal check, don’t stop marketing the house and taking backup applications until the check clears and a lease agreement is signed

9. Use a Lease Agreement. A strong lease sets the terms and conditions for tenants living in the house. These include facts like who will live there, when rent is due, penalties for late rent and so on. A good lease spells out the policies and basis for eviction.

Choosing a Cleaning Company for Your Office

As a business owner, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that your employees are comfortable. We are not just talking about the salary they are getting or the amount of responsibilities that they have on hand but also their working environment.

Maid ServicesAre your people happily functioning inside a clean and sanitary office? Are you sure that nothing bothers them while doing their work? Perhaps some of them are distracted by too much clutter or the nasty bathroom. When you let your team of talents to work in a place like this, the productivity and efficiency of your business can be immensely affected.

Therefore, you absolutely need to start shopping for maid services. Having regular cleaners in the office can keep your employees’ cubicles clutter-free. Don’t worry looking for a cleaning company is not that hard. It only becomes hard on the moment that you have to choose the best one that will give value for your money. Here are some tips that you may want to consider when hiring a cleaning company for your business.

  • Get quotation from different companies. By doing this, you can compare which one offers the best price and best services. Be sure to get the full list of their services so you can have an idea what you will be getting from the quoted price.
  • Call your top pics and request for a proof of insurance. When something happens to the cleaner, you will be held liable if the company you chose doesn’t have insurance for their workers. You don’t want this to happen so be smart and ask for the company’s copy of insurance.
  • Do a background check about your candidates. Go over the Internet and read some reviews. People rant when they are not satisfied so you’ll surely find one for your candidates if they are doing a very bad job. You should also check their experience or ask some feedback from companies they have worked or still working with.
  • Read the contract carefully. Just like signing any other legal documents, you should go through the Maid Services Dubai contract cautiously. You may miss some things that are very important about their services that you don’t like. Once you sign that paper, you are bound to finish the contract you have with the company.

office clean up from chet williams on Vimeo.


How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

Web DesignWith the presence of internet, it gave birth to a variety of styles to do advertising and one of these is online marketing.  It is a requirement nowadays for businesses to have a website – but you have to make it worth visiting for your target market. Here are the things to do to make your site a user-friendly one.

1. Keep Content as Concise as Possible

Everyone is aware that consumers have very short attention spans and don’t read the entire articles thoroughly. A study investigating the changes in people’s reading habits behaviors in the digital age concluded that we tend to skim web pages to find the information we want.

People search for keywords, read in a non-linear fashion (i.e. we skip around a webpage instead of reading it from top to bottom) and have lowered attention spans.

Your web design should include shorter articles to enhance readability, there are many popular readability measurement formulas that use the length of sentences and words as factors that influence ease of reading and comprehension.

You should:

  • Get to the point as quickly as possible.
  • Cut out unnecessary information.
  • Use easy-to-understand, shorter, common words and phrases.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and sentences.

Use time-saving and attention-grabbing writing techniques, such using numbers instead of spelling them out. Use “1,000″ as opposed to “one thousand,” which facilitates scanning and skimming.

2. Help Readers Scan Your Webpages Quickly

There are a lot of supporting evidences that web users tend to skim content, designing and structuring your web design Dubai with skimming in mind can improve usability.

You should:

  • Make the first two words count in the free website, because users tend to read the first few words of headings, titles and links when they’re scanning a webpage.
  • Front-load keywords in webpage titles, headings and links by using the passive voice as an effective writing device.
  • Use the inverted pyramid writing style to place important information at the top of your articles.
  • Use Bulleted Lists and Text Formatting
  • Use longer on bulleted lists and text formatting (such as bolding and italics).

3. Make Hyperlinked Text User-Friendly

One big advantage of web-based content is our ability to use hyperlinks. The proper use of hyperlinks can aid readability.

The Advantages of Buying Ready-Made Graduation Dresses

Graduation is a very special occasion in a person’s life. Thus, picking a special dress or outfit is just appropriate to do so. Before, shopping storestudents prefer to have some tailored-made dresses and suits that well fit their bodies. But nowadays, may prefer buying ready-made clothes from shopping stores. For them, there are many advantages and disadvantages in buying those read-to-wear clothes.

1. You can fit the dress before buying. You will have a lot of varieties to choose from different shopping stores. You can check if the dress fits your body well or how you look wearing that particular piece of clothing. If the dress doesn’t fit well, you can always pick another or try another shopping store.

 2. You save time. Buying ready-made dress keeps you away from spending too much time picking the right fabric and style for your dress. Also, you still have to go to a tailor’s shop to have your measurement taken. If your mother also want to have her cloth customized, it will add more on the time spent. Why not buy on some online shopping store for mother and child where there are tons of designs to choose from.

3. You have don’t have to do a lot of fittings. Unlike buying a ready-made dress and fitting clothes in one day, having a dress from a tailor entails you to have a lot visits in the shop to fit the clothing. This is to figure out some defects that may be needing some alterations.

4. You really got to save money. Ready-made clothes and dresses are a lot cheaper that those that are made customized. These dresses are usually produced in bulk that the manufacturers did not spend much for making each dress that is why that can mark down the price for the customers. Unlike the tailored dresses, the maker will just buy a little amount of fabric and other materials exclusively for you that will make it more expensive. For more dressing ideas and designs, you can visit  www.martarabia.com.

Proper Care for Sports Bra

Sports bra unlike any other bras, has special function in taking caring extra care of your delicate breast. So, it is just due to returnBras the care they give. Here are some tips in washing your sports bra to make them last long.

Wash as Often as Possible

Sweat, and bacteria aren’t great for the fabrics of your sports bra, so it’s a good idea to wash your sports bras every one to three wears, depending on the intensity of your workout. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to wash a bra, wash it. Keeping your sports bra fresh and clean will also help prevent some itchiness and skin problems.

Care for Hand wash

Maybe washing your sports bras by hand is more time consuming than just putting them in the laundry, but it’s worth it. Hand washing your sports bras will help them last longer, because it is much gentler on technical fabrics than even the most delicate washing machine setting. First fasten the hook-and-eye closure on your bra, and then wash them gently to remove any dried sweat from the fabric.

Let them dry naturally

Even if you don’t have time to hand wash your sports bras, wash them on the gentle cycle inside a lingerie bag and then hang them up to dry. Putting any technical fabric in the dryer will rapidly accelerate how quickly it breaks down, which means you’ll have to replace your sports bras in Dubai more frequently.

Know when is the time to say goodbye

When it comes to sports bras, you’ve just gonna know when it’s time to throw them Depending on how frequently you use and wash your sports bras, they should be replaced at least every year. If the band of your bra is no longer snug and supportive, or if the fabric is starting to fray, throw that and get a new one. The fit of your sports bra will also change with fluctuations in your body, so if you loose or gain weight, you might need to try a new bra for a proper fit. You can check http://mystique-lingerie.com/ for some latest trends on sports bra.

6 Things You Don’t Need in Your Kid’s Party

fancy dress costumesWhen planning a birthday party for your little one, you only want the best for them. By wanting a perfect party, you end up putting non-essential things that cause your expenses to blow up. Here are some things that you have the option not to include so as to cut your expenses.

  1. Paper Invitations. Don’t splurge on expensive paper invites, you can use electronic invitations that are free. You can easily spend a small fortune on proper invitations, but your kid and all his guests will be just as impressed with an e-mailed notice, especially if it’s animated. Also, busy parents can easily misplace your paper invite or lose it in a stack of bills on the kitchen counter, but a party notice in their inbox won’t likely be overlooked.
  1. Inflatable Bounce House. Inflatable bounce houses may be fun, but they’re also expensive and require a lot of space. Also, they’re not exactly the safest children’s party option. Countless kids have bounced until they’ve broken arms and legs or sustained other injuries.
  1. Costumed Characters. Clowns in fancy dress costumes, superheroes and mimes are overrated. There are easier and less expensive ways to entertain a group of kids. Movies, video games and puppet shows all easy to do on the cheap.If your kid desperately wants to invite a costumed guest, you can always rent the outfit and have a friend dress up to save some money. Once your child is old enough, you can even ask for his input.  Or maybe ask the guest to wear kids fancy dress costumes in Dubai so as to have a general costume party.
  1. Expensive Party Favors. Personalized take-home gifts like picture frames and toys can significantly increase the cost of your child’s celebration, and they’re completely unnecessary. Party hats, plastic whistles and a few pieces of candy work just as well as overpriced monogrammed b-day keepsakes, and they’ll be treasured by all the little attendees for just as long, which is at most a few hours. In fact, skipping party favors altogether will save you money.
  1. A Special Location. Why pay to rent out an expensive venue when your backyard is open, available and free? Your own property might not seem spectacular to you, but as long as you and all his little friends are there, it’s the only place your child will want to be.
  1. Canned Drinks. Besides the fact that two-liters are the far cheaper (and greener) option, they’re also easier to clean up. You know those little partygoers are going to litter the site with half-empty cans, which means you could be spending quite awhile draining drinks over the sink after everyone leaves. At least with cups, you can quickly dump any remaining soda and toss them in the trash.

kids party with Cutty the Prankster from Pana Costin Adrian on Vimeo.

7 Basic Steps To Take When Starting Up A Business

Starting up a business will never be an easy task. It entails hard work and  you must expect a lot of challenges at hand. Here are Leadership Training in Dubaisome basic steps that can guide you in starting up your own company.

1. Decide what kind of company. You have to choose between being a sole proprietor or form a corporation. This decision will create an impact on the tax you pay and how much legal and financial responsibility is at hand. As a sole entrepreneur, you have to take all the post-tax profits but you are also liable for all of your business’ financial dealings.

2. Create your business name. You have to think carefully about your name because you’re going to be stuck with it as rebrands are expensive and painful. It’ll need to work with an available web domain and will also often be the first thing prospective customers see and have impressions on. Consider what your name needs to say about your business.

3. Define your target audience. You need to focus on your target audience and style everything from your website to your marketing campaigns around them.  Do not think of your campaigns for “everyone” for you will end up having no audience at all. Make sure you are targeting the right people by sending out questionnaires, speaking to your customers through social media and holding focus groups. St

4. Decide on your marketing strategy. There’s no point of having an excellent business idea if nobody knows about it – so how will you get your name out there? Without a big marketing budget, start small and focus on building relationships and growth of your employers by conducting leadership training in Dubai . Use social media and network hard to start building a reputation with not just potential customers, but also local journalists, suppliers, fellow retailers, local business organizations. Start a blog, be active on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media sites.

5. Write a business plan. Business plan is a requirement in a company formation as worth as leadership training program – whether big or small. Don’t view them as a chore you must do for the bank or an investor – use this as a chance to prove to yourself that every aspect of your business plan and model works and makes sense.

6. Capital and Funding. Ideally, you have to have enough money to fund the launch of your new business. But, for the majority, there’s another option. You can ask friends or family if they may be willing to help or you can opt for a bank loan or invite an investor. If you can’t secure the funding, you need to start small and prove the business works – then go back to the bank or investors with more evidence.

7. Licensing and legal issues. When having a company formation in Dubai, you should speak to the local authority to find out whether you need any special licenses to sell in your area.. There are a host of other legal obligations to consider and it’s best to get at least one session of legal advice. You should also ensure processes – from sales to supplier agreements and terms and conditions – are legal binding and contracted up.

CFA Self-Studying Tips

It is a known fact that most CFA exam takers don’t pass at the first try. In fact, only 37% of examinees pass the first level exam. So if you are serious about acquiring the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, you need to have a solid studying scheme.

Most people like you choose to go to a professional CFA Training institute for a well-rounded program that provides all of the necessary information and tutorial to pass the exam. But if you do not have enough budget for it, you can opt to take the DIY approach. But you have to be dead serious and focus in order to make your self-study strategy become successful. No matter how smart you are and how much you know about finance, the CFA program requires a great deal of studying. Here are some self-study tips from the best CFA training provider Genesis Institute.Financial Analyst

  1. Get Organized and Focused

The first thing you need to do is set your mind to the exam. You need to sit and study 6 months before the exam day and spend no less than 10 hours a week reading and studying for the CFA test.  The charterholders say that 250 hours of independent study is necessary to pass each exam. So before jumping onto the study world, determine which days and times you will be studying and plot this on your calendar or journal.

  1. Make a Study Outline

According to a professional Chartered Financial Analyst training provider, people remember more the things that they have written before. Clearly, it would help you in your studying if you take time to write important points while studying.

  1. Use Flash Cards

Homemade flash cards are an effective way to master the material. Flash cards are portable, much lighter than carrying the entire CFA curriculum with you and can be quickly reviewed while commuting to work, during a lunch break, etc.

  1. Take Practice Exams

Practice exams give you an idea on what types of questions are likely to appear on the exam. After you have done a lot of reading, take a practice exam. But be sure that you have a relatively good understanding of the material.  This will help you to assess where your strengths and weaknesses are and where you should allocate valuable study time in the final weeks of preparation.

8 Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are great fund makers for an organization, but they can also be time consuming and expensive.  The success of a corporate event depends on careful planning.   To help you ensure that your fundraising event is a win, here are eight major components that you must incorporate into your event plan:

Corporate Event

  1. Fundraising Goal

In conjunction with the event host committee, organization staff, and key fundraisers, you must decide what amount of money you plan to raise at the event. If this is truly a fundraising event, then everything in the event plan will be geared to raising this specific amount of money. The amount you choose should be what you hope to net, that is, the amount you plan to raise after expenses are deducted.

  1. Purpose

Before doing anything else, you must decide what the purpose of your event is. Is this truly a fundraising event? Or does it have other goals? Perhaps your organization may be hoping to raise money at the event, but the main function of the event is to gain publicity, or reach out to a new network. Many charitable events have more than one goal. Figuring out the details for your event will depend on knowing what goals you are trying to achieve.

  1.  Budget

Just like any corporate event production in Dubai, every fundraising event plan should contain a complete budget listing all of the expenses that will be required to hold the event. Your budget should include staff, invitations, space rental, catering, entertainment, transportation, security, utilities, and anything else that will be required to make the event a success. Your budget should take into account your fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise that amount above and beyond all expenses. Be sure to leave a little extra room in your budget for unexpected costs.

  1. Leadership

As part of your fundraising efforts, your event will most likely have a “host committee” and one or more “host committee chairpersons.” These people are responsible for contributing substantial amounts to the event and encouraging others to do the same. The host committee is generally composed of wealthy donors, business leaders, or local celebrities.

  1. Target Audience

Is this event geared towards a specific group like business people, parents, or young professionals? In short, you must decide whom you will invite to your event.

  1. Marketing

Just like a new product, your event needs to be aggressively marketed to your target audience. You need to convince your supporters that your organization and event are worthy of their time and money.

  1. Practice

While you probably won’t need a full run-through of your event, it is essential that everyone who is working the event know, ahead of time, what their responsibilities are, where they should be during the event, and how the event is going to “flow.” If you are having a large or unusual event, the key event staff may want to have a practice run to make sure that your operation is running smoothly.

  1. Thank you

One of the most oft heard complaints from contributors to charitable fundraising events is, “They never even said ‘thank-you.’ Make sure that the organization takes the time to send thank-you notes to everyone who is involved in your event, including contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors. Keep your donors happy because you’re probably going to be asking them for another donation sometime down the road.