Blogging No-Nos for Online Marketers

Your company still does not have a blog? It is time to wake up and see the real need to create one for your website. It is one of the best online marketing tactics out there! Blogging creates an online buzz and word of mouth marketing. And most of the time, a blog can be made without spending a penny as there are free website providers out there.Free website providers

While blogging can be very beneficial when making your company seem more credible and promoting traffic to your website, it can be confusing for first-time users. To help guide budding online marketers like you, here are some of the things you should avoid when blogging.

  1. Squeeze everything in one paragraph.

Everybody needs a break from work, daily chores, and even long paragraphs. It is tiring and unpleasing to just look at a post that has no spaces – not to mention, it is really overwhelming. So be sure to make your posts look enticing by knowing when to break your thoughts. a single long paragraph suggests that you don’t even know enough about English to break your thoughts into discrete pieces, much less organize them more intricately into a compelling argument others would be eager to read.

  1. Focus on selling services or products.

Although there is nothing wrong with talking about your products and services, you should not do it to the certain extent that it is already starting to annoy the reader. Please know that there is a difference between making your product known and sounding like a market barker. The more your readers realize that you think of them only as a potential source of money, the more they’ll realize that your posts probably aren’t worth reading. Bloggers advise that businesses should only allot 20% or even 10% for selling in their free blog website.

  1. Talk about things that are not relevant to your readers.

When posting on the blog, ensure that all your posts will interest your target market. Some businesses make a mistake by posting irrelevant topics. If your business is about shoes and accessories, do not talk about the current farming techniques. Simply, it is because it doesn’t make any sense and clearly not what your audience want to see.